View from our new land.

Being nomadic has meant different things to me through the years. Recently, having purchased a home, my nomadic identity has been in question. Have I outgrown my tendency to wander? Have I sold out for comfort and consistency? Am I just too lazy, or complacent, or finally satiated by my current home to engage in more wanderlust. Ha! As if!

I’m taking a different tack. We have a home that has appreciated, providing some financial security. We purchased land in Arizona for investment, remote isolation experience, or as a bug-out destination. Our notions of doing much development there has lost its appeal. We’re approaching our retirement years, and after some contemplation we’ve settled on some basic facts. We, yes my wife and I, want to retire. We want our retirement home to be in San Diego. We want to retire debt free, including any mortgage. We want to live in a peaceful, beautiful place with great views and low population density.

Enter Julian.

It ticks all the boxes.

So, what of my nomadic lifestyle? Well, I see it as evolving from a singular migrating strategy to one of multiple permanent locations to move among. And, if we pull off our goal of retiring debt-free, we’ll have the freedom to truly travel and satisfy more of our wanderlust than ever before!