It’s been an interesting couple years. From trucking to teaching to trading and back to IT. From living in a truck to owning a home. From struggling with heartbreak over relationships and the loss of my two sisters to being happy in an effortless and loving relationship with a wonderful woman. From an unstable existence to a well connected, grounded community to a virtual one due to a pandemic.

I’m restructuring my goals and interests. Although I no longer live as a Nomad, I am still committed to the ideals of freedom of exploration. Whether by hiking local trails, or taking planned vacations abroad, my heart still looks forward to being mobile. Although I’m exploring things like smart home automation, I am also fantasizing about RV living and researching off-grid options for current and future life enhancement.

I look forward to life getting back to normal-ish. I hope the world returns to a more sane and compassionate mindset with more equality than previous eras. I will continue to plan for a safe escape if necessary but continue to hope for a time where exploration and freedom are not a means of escape but instead, a routine part of daily life. Retirement is on my horizon, so hopefully the latter will become my norm.

Stay safe. Explore the world.