Surf’s up… to almost 3 feet.

It was great to get back out in the water and actually catch a couple little waves today. Operative word, “little” as there is no swell to speak of. However, it was perfect for me as it had been a couple years since I’ve been out surfing, and I wasn’t sure how I’d fare. And fair was just how I did. I effortlessly hopped to my feet a couple times. Read the waves well for the most part and controlled my board better than expected. Being in just trunks and a rash guard, I got bit cold as expected and was out long enough just to have some successful rides and not get hung up on waiting for the perfect wave or bobbing on the outside waiting for the rogue set.

I’m glad my neighbor coaxed me to go out. Sometimes I need a little more than my good intentions to follow through. Even as fun as surfing can be there is still some residual trepidation from past surfing injuries. Once we navigated our entry to the non-boulder area we had no problem getting to a nice unpopulated spot with some suitable sections. The heavy fog added a bit of a challenge, causing some false positives and a couple surprise pop up waves that caught us off guard. All in all, it was a great little reintroduction for me. And thanks to my neighbor for the friendly nudge.